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Anchor Application
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Most of the anchors are used as fasteners for the overall lining (casting, plastic and lining of the spray). Refractory brick linings also use anchors, but there are not many applications. Metal anchors are commonly used to support and secure thinner or insulated integral linings, anchor manufacturers such as linings for chimneys, wear resistant linings for petrochemical catalytic cracking reactors (commonly used tortoise mesh anchors), The lining of the integral spray gun for metallurgical injection, the integral lining of the impregnation tube of the DH and RH vacuum degasser, the discharge date of the rotary kiln, the lining of the feed inlet, and the like. Metal anchors are mostly used to fix liners with a long-term use temperature below 1200 °C, or liners that can be used for short-term use temperatures above 1200 °C.

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