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Anchor Component And Length Definition
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The anchor consists of a metal screw and a plastic expansion sleeve with a disc. The metal screws are made of stainless steel or metal with surface anti-corrosion treatment. The plastic expansion sleeves with discs should be made of polyamide, polyethylene or polypropylene. The materials used to make the plastic sleeves should not use recycled materials. The effective anchoring depth of the anchor bolt is not less than 25 mm, and the diameter of the plastic disc is not less than 50 mm. Its product features are:

Construction operations are simple.

High strength and good toughness.,preservative.

The length of the anchor is transmitted by the stressed steel bar through the bond between the concrete and the steel bar. The length is determined by a fixed formula. The formula contains a "rebar shape factor" for the smooth reinforcing bar. Different types of steel bars, such as ribbed steel bars, scored steel wires, spiral rib wires, and steel strands, have different coefficients. Then, the anchor length of the steel bar is fixed by the anchoring form of the steel bar, the thickness of the concrete protective layer in the anchoring zone, the ratio of the designed calculated area to the actual reinforcing area, and so on. The bottom steel bar of the upper part of the column cap column should be overlapped with the steel bar at a distance of 2 times the length of the longitudinal reinforcement of the cylinder, and the end should have a hook perpendicular to the plate surface.

The main ribs and waist ribs of the bottom frame seismic wall beam shall be anchored in the column according to the requirements of the tensile reinforcement, and the anchorage length of the longitudinal reinforcement in the upper part of the support shall comply with the relevant requirements of the reinforced concrete frame beam.