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Anchor Material And Style
- Nov 15, 2018 -

There are many types of anchors, and of course there are many materials for making anchors. With the development of materials, the application of anchors is increasing, the demand is increasing, and people's requirements are increasing. However, regardless of the changes, people's requirements for quality remain unchanged.

The material of the Dongrui anchor is generally of metal texture. There are many kinds of structures. Of course, there are many types of structures. If you search on the Internet, you will find dozens or hundreds of anchor-related topic. The main purpose of the anchor is to fix it.

The style of the anchor can be generally divided into a single shape, a cross type and an L type. The material generally has stainless steel anchors, ceramic anchors and 92 alumina porcelain anchors. The stainless steel anchors use a large number of anchors, and its structure Reasonable, the anchor is very strong and reliable, and it is also very convenient to install, so many people have chosen this anchor.

Anchors are used in many people's daily lives. Anchored solid firmware is of course popular. It is resistant to high temperatures and adapts to a wide temperature range, typically between 800 ° C and 1400 ° C. It can be fixed and connected.