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How To Choose A Quality Stainless Steel Washer
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The function of the gasket is mainly to protect the parts between the connected parts and the nut, and the main protection nut is not scratched. Stainless steel washers are selected according to the size of different nuts and connecting objects. The purpose is to increase the life of industrial products, reduce wear and disperse the pressure therein. Therefore, the role of the washers cannot be ignored, and it plays an important role in industrial screw screws. effect!

Stainless steel washers come in a variety of styles, but the types of washers are mainly divided into flat washers, washers, spring washers, and new TOP-LOCK lock washers in recent years. Its role in the entire component is to protect it, but several of the gaskets have been almost eliminated than the market. Although the flat washer can disperse the pressure well, but the texture is soft, the spring washer has poor anti-loose ability. Although the pressure is very good, the price is very low, but it will cause certain dangers, unacceptable materials!