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Which One Is Better For Stainless Steel Washers?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

In fact, this should be chosen according to different environmental sites, but at present we will have more customers of stainless steel gaskets, because we are very concerned about this long service life and strong corrosion resistance. Of course, this is an advantage of stainless steel itself. The value of the gasket is to prevent the surface of the nut from being scratched and to disperse the pressure! Among them, we have many specifications of the gasket, but the shape is divided into several types, there are flat washers, and washers, which are spring washers, are not recognized by the market because of its ability to resist looseness. Low, low security, abandoned by the market!

Class C washers are suitable for installing some medium devices, Class A for hardcover series, other grades for some nuts, screws, etc. This level indicates that it is used some good. Used on the device! The gasket is not the same. It is better to choose the product that is used in the selection. Whether it is on the surface of the process or on the purchased material, it is price-linked, so we have to choose Be optimistic about the level of the label and what shape.